Industrial Air Compressor
Remote Monitoring

KAISPE Air Compressor Remote Monitoring solution helps industries keep the compressors up and running with minimum downtime


What is Air Compressor Remote Monitoring?

The solution provides key telemetry information to customers about air pressure, temperature, CFM, motor power, oil level and a number of other relevant telemetry for specific air compressor types using Microsoft Azure IoT.


The solution comes with a user portal to add devices, telemetry, rules and other useful information. Users do not have to login to Azure portal to add such information. Rules can be configured on telemetry information as per the requirement of each air compressor. Using a Power BI dashboard, users can view key telemetry information for each air compressor. Work orders can be generated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 if maintenance is required for a compressor.

Why customers use Air
Compressor Remote


• Air Compressors are costly

• Tracking and maintaining
them is a key challenge
for asset managers

• Upfront maintenance is highly
required to avoid production
losses and hence revenue

Our Solution

• Developed as an accelerator with greater flexibility to work with a
number of different air compressors

• Provides data insights using a strong BI platform

• Highly scalable application architecture

• Integration with other applications