Automatic Lead Generation
for MS Dynamics 365 CE

Send the captured Leads directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE using Robotic Process Automation

Customer makes an

Customer fills in the Contact Us form
on website, social media platform or
a mobile app


Customer request triggers the

Using Power Automate, the flow
processes customer query


Lead record is automatically
generated in MS Dynamics 365
and gets assigned to relevant
Sales team

RPA Bot will work as an alternate of
human agent to generate the record

Why automate the lead generation process in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Automation in your lead generation efforts make the process fast and efficient
  • Conversion of website visitors into leads and nurturing them over time
    in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.
  • Use virtual sales force using RPA bots to replace human sales agents and let them spend time on
    important sales tasks.