IoT Device Management

KAISPE IoT Web Portal is a fully functional portal that helps users manage IoT devices, design telemetry rules, view device notifications etc. all from a single place


Please find this app on Microsoft Azure marketplace

What is KAISPE IoT 
Web Portal 

The portal has been developed for users who want to have a single place to manage IoT devices connected with an IoT platform like Microsoft Azure IoT, define telemetry for a device or group of devices and design rules for the telemetry data.

The portal is highly flexible to get connected with a number of IoT platforms. It also has a dashboard that provides KPIs and charts about device to platform messaging, online vs. offline devices etc. Users can group relevant devices into device groups, define telemetry and associate with device groups. They can then design rules on telemetry that the IoT platform can then evaluate for any violations. The portal also provides notifications generated if any rule(s) is violated.

Why customers use KAISPE Web Portal

• Single place to manage various types of IoT devices

• Group devices and define telemetry

• View device and IoT platform messaging

• Simple to complex Rule building on telemetry and view notifications against rule violation