KAISPE is one of the leading IoT industrial solutions provider in the world. Our experience and expertise gives us an award-winning edge to carefully listen to our customers’ needs and act in the most appropriate manner, so that they can enjoy a sound sleep while their business assets stay safe and secure.

Providing unique and rewarding solutions, and services to industrial customers is our forte. With the help of Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT). We make organizations capable of solving complex business problems, like tracking, controlling and maintaining business assets, in the most cost-effective way possible. We also use Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine Learning along the way to provide you a superior, industry-leading solution.

With a long and trusted partnership in Microsoft technology, we help customers integrate their tracking devices with their sophisticated business applications, like CRM and ERPs, using the Microsoft Azure IoT platform. We offer a range of services to our partners and customers to maximize the returns from their IoT investments and allow rapid transformation of their businesses including training, consultations an implementations.

Engineering and Design

We have an experienced and reliable team of engineers and designers who have a strong idea of Internet of Things, and how it can suit any specific business. Our world-class engineers work alongside the operations and data analytics team to provide end-solutions to customers using the most reliable and efficient platform, The Microsoft Azure IoT platform!


Business Operations

The operations team is the backbone of any business, making the magic happen. A KAISPE, we do exactly that by creating a streamlined plan for your business to reduce costs and inefficiencies. Our service team is composed of a number of seasoned business operations executives who have come from big names, like Microsoft, Dupont and Tyler Technologies to offer you a more remarkable and tailored solution. They know how to work and implement a Microsoft Azure IoT-powered solution that will create value for your business.

Data Analytics

“Data is KING” – Have you heard this phrase before?

If not, you will come across it more often now that you live in the 21st century. Your data is key to unlock your competitive edge, and at KAISPE, we understand its importance. Businesses usually generate volumes of data with any transaction that they process. With Microsoft IoT, we help you with the ETL process (Extract, Transform & Load) and apply advanced analytics to uncover new and in-depth business insights from that data. Finally, we help you visualize that data using Microsoft Power BI dashboards and Reports, so that you arrive at more profitable decisions.

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