A complete end-to-end mobile app-based solution for purchase requisition generation and approval process which allows the employees of an organization to generate and approve purchase requisitions, and keep a track of all of their requisition headers and respective lines by a comprehensive set of controls and reports

Purchase requisition is the part of sourcing and procurement of Supply Chain Management. It is an integral process of an organization which comes into action when any logistical supplies are needed by a department of the organization to keep its business operations running.

The process involves initiation of a Purchase Requisition for a number of items either by the department or a field worker. It follows by sending the purchase requisition for approval to respective department management or management hierarchy of an employee. Once it is approved, it further goes for the preparation of Purchase Order and invoice to the procurement department. A purchase requisition can also be rejected by the approver for a number of reasons, mainly because it is incorrectly drafted. In this case, the purchase requisition can be redrafted by the requester and re-submitted to the approver.

Since this process can have multiple approvals and a number of pre-requisites needed to be taken in consideration, it can be time taking. Keeping this under consideration, Brote Technologies has developed a Mobile Application powered by Microsoft Power Platform which automates all of the steps involved in the initiation and approval of a purchase requisition.

Following are the key features of the app:

 Secure access using Office365 account login.
 The logged in user can only view the Purchase Requisition Header Information created by them.
 Multiple requisition lines for a single purchase requisition header.
 Edit and delete options as long as the requisition is not submitted for approval.
 Approval request to multiple Approvers simultaneously.
 Analytics charts/reports.
 Recalling a purchase requisition if not yet approved by approver(s).
 Each requester can have either single or multiple approvers.
 User-friendly and user-familiar screens and interfaces.

The app is developed on Microsoft PowerApps platform. For approval process, Microsoft Power Automate is used. For Data Storage, SharePoint online is used.
By using the app, a user can create a purchase requisition header, with each header having a unique Header ID. The image of Purchase Requisition Header creation screen is given blow.