If you have been in search of tailored solutions when it comes to wrapping your head around complicated business assets monitoring and maintenance problems, we have got you covered!

KAISPE has been working closely with its industrial customers for years to provide the solutions for connected business assets. We empower organizations to harness the power of Microsoft Azure IoT, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning to maintain their key business assets, and get to their revenue goals faster and in the most cost effective way.

KAISPE specializes in developing IoT products that let customers track and maintain their business assets. Our experience dictates our expertise in platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT, Azure Machine Learning, BI and Microsoft Dynamics application integration that allows us to extract data through various devices and provide a secure future for you and your business assets.


Everything is better when it is properly managed and efficient, and KAISPE offers you the opportunity to run your business this way. We have been observing the markets for years now, and have come to a conclusion that most businesses lack the efficiency which is why it takes them time to compete at a superior level.

At KAISPE, our award-winning, experienced team caters to your needs by designing, developing and implementing a Microsoft Azure IoT-based infrastructure that leaves no room for error, allowing you to streamline your business operations. We do this by providing you greater business insights for a rewarding future. Have a chat with one of our representatives to learn more.


Our strength comes from our team and their experience in serving a wide-range of industries. We cater to every industry using a world-class IoT platform, to help them secure their business assets.

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The manufacturing industry is complex, but we aim to make it uncomplicated, thanks to our tailored solutions that are provided using Microsoft Azure IoT platform. A manufacturing industry has more assets than any other industry, which is why securing those assets is key to keep the business operational and profitable. Read more…

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Distribution and Logistics

The logistics sector is of key importance today, not just due to the increased demand of products worldwide, but also because of the concept of global village. Vendors and customers are more connected to a business today than they ever were Read more…

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Professional Services

Professional services are more of a need today, rather than a want. You cannot do everything with 100% efficiency, which is you need a professional’s help. However, with technology driving our day-to-day decisions, you need to well-equipped to provide customized and customer-centric services. Read more…

The world is moving towards IoT solutions and you cannot afford to be left behind. Want to explore the future of your business with KAISPE, click here to Contact Us!

23 Mar, 2018

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