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Why Work at KAISPE?

Technical and industry excellence, honesty and commitment, employee and client centric approach are the core values that build up our organization culture. These values are a reflection of our team, and something we want deeply-rooted for the future. The ability to operate with these values has helped us to build a cohesive and successful culture, and it carries over into each one of our customer engagements.


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“I started as Software Engineer at KAISPE. Initially, I had no knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics and company offered me training. I found great learning environment working with an amazing company doing something I enjoy and progressing my career professionally and personally”
Senior Technical  - Consultant
“KAISPE is definitely a big turning point in my career. The exposure I got from here is unmatchable and gives me the right amount of impetus to drive my career. Great company. Love it!!! Really enjoy the work I'm doing here as a Sr. Software Test Engineer”
Senior Software  - Test Engineer
KAISPE has been a veritable workplace that leads to my personal and professional growth I must vocalize KAISPE is plotting incredible value to my career graph. Another thing I want to utter KAISPE is promoting an environment with women’s sense of self-worth and safeguarding their rights.
Associate Functional  - Consultant
KAISPE has provided me the platform to learn, develop and continuously evaluate my progress. The opportunities offered have also been great for me in my longer career development. Not only do they allow me to implement new ideas, but they also provide me with a platform to learn from my mistakes.
Senior Software  - Engineer
As an IT Professional, I've found such a great environment that helps in growing and Polishing my skills. KAISPE is an organization that facilitates its, employees. KAISPE is like a family to me.
Senior  - Executive
The KAISPE management is constantly concerned with making its staff comfortable. Here we can proudly say Yes! we do have "Work-Life Balance". Not only that but KAISPE helps people to become some of the top best resources in the industry through training and development.
HR  - Manager
It's been almost 11 years since I have been associated with our CEO - Imran Mahmood, I always get to sense a bonafide attitude from the CEO towards the team. Working with Local & International Clients has enabled my team to enhance its strongest skill set while simultaneously working on several modules for various sectors.
AVP – Professional  - Services
After my home, KAISPE is where I found serenity. Working with the manager and team feels like working with friends. Because of my amazing colleagues, I have a new opportunity to learn and advance in my career every single day!
Senior Software  - Engineer
I've been at KAISPE for over 4 years. KAISPE values effort and excellence, which makes you more accountable at work and gives you a wonderful workplace and a welcoming environment. Additionally, every employee has the chance to continuously learn, develop, and grow.  I am happy to be a part of KAISPE.
Functional  - Consultant
Support and guidance are extremely great here at KAISPE. I consider this organization to be my second home because we exchange ideas and experiences relevant to both business and personal life I am glad to be a member of KAISPE family!!
Functional  - Consultant
I joined 'KAISPE' back in September 2021. I must say KAISPE is a growing learning hub with a friendly environment. They always motivate their employees to enhance their career-oriented knowledge and give them good benefits including financial appreciation. Also, KSP provides exposure to both domestic and international projects, and offers opportunities in multiple areas such as business solutions, mobile apps and others. Most importantly KSP promotes a happy culture by organizing recreational activities and sports events.
Functional  - Consultant
With a decade-long focus on Microsoft Dynamics, KAISPE feels like the ideal venue for me to share my expertise with upcoming talent. A culture of unrelenting learning and growth has been fostered by my team and me through constant feedback and communication.
AVP  - Engineering
I consider myself fortunate to have worked on difficult projects with some of the greatest professionals in our field. at KAISPE. I reflect on how, four years ago, when I was just out of college, I believed I knew everything—but I didn't, and I still don't!
Senior Technical  - Consultant
Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with Power Platform is a highly adapted product by businesses worldwide. I have been lucky enough to get a job in the domain of Dynamics 365 at KAISPE right after my graduation. As a freshie, I feel very satisfied with my job. The major factor of my satisfaction is a great learning environment as well as an excellent working environment where everyone is being treated with utmost respect and brotherhood.
Management Trainee  - Officer
What really stands out to me is the company's culture, It gives your heart a glowing ember when your co-workers give you gratitude towards work. KAISPE helps me to understand my hidden skills, which were thinking outside the box and handling pressure with tranquillity. This environment and my incredible team are the reasons I love and enjoy working here. Bravo to them!
HR  - Executive