Organizations across all industries need to build agile business processes to innovate.

Many customers find themselves in situations where their business applications have not kept up with changing technologies and user demand. Using Microsoft Power Platform, customers can stay agile, modernize and automate where possible, and streamline business processes for business users to be more productive and efficient.

 Organizations are finding themselves in situations where their business applications are having trouble keeping up with changing technologies, changing environments, and most importantly, changing customer demands. By being able to rapidly adapt and automate the processes and tools, ensure everyone in the organization remains agile while helping modernize processes where possible.

Microsoft Power Platforms is a low-code application development platform. It enables a visual approach to build apps, empowering everyone, regardless of whether they can code or not, to quickly turn their bright ideas, into brilliant apps. Microsoft Power Platforms is a product family that delivers innovative business solutions across one seamlessly integrated platform. Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents allow any business to analyze & visualize real-time business performance, quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows and integrate AI capabilities.

Power Apps is the toolset for low-code app development. There are three styles of applications; canvas, model-driven and portals. Power Apps canvas applications can also be embedded into SharePoint, Teams, Power BI and model-driven applications. Portals enable makers to build low code, responsive websites which allow external users to interact with the data.

Power Automate provides workflow automation that orchestrate across services using connectors. Automations can be triggered to run when events occur in other systems and services or scheduled to run at a specific time. Users can start instant flows on demand from within the mobile app on the go or from the context of selected items in other apps.

Power BI offers capabilities to help you discover and explore insights from your data including automated machine learning for predictive modeling, new AI visualizations with decomposition trees for detailed root cause analysis drill-downs, and easier ways for everyone to interact with their data using the new Q&A visualization.

Power Virtual Agents empowers teams to easily create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface without the need for data scientists or developers. It eliminates the gap between the subject matter experts and the development teams building the bots, and the long latency between teams recognizing an issue and updating the bot to address it.

Dataverse is a mature data platform to manage data used by business applications. Dataverse provides built-in capabilities for business rules, workflows, calculated and rollup fields, and more. Dataverse secures data using a configurable security model, that offers hierarchical, row-level, and field-level security and auditing capabilities.

AI Builder is a platform capability that allows easily adding AI to Power Automate, Power Apps and Dynamics 1st Party Apps. This enables makers to automate tasks and predict outcomes without having to involve data scientists.

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