The world is moving towards IoT solutions, and you cannot afford to be left behind.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the practice of interconnecting the physical world with cloud services through the use of electronic devices, software, and sensors.

What is Microsoft Azure IoT?

Microsoft Azure IoT provides a mature platform with which to satisfy and automate many of the customer asset monitoring and maintaining requirements. This greatly reduces time to market and heightens the chances of deploying a successful IoT solution.

Microsoft Azure IoT provides a wide variety of options to fulfill industrial IoT requirements:

Azure IoT Hub

This is a fully managed service that allows secure and reliable communications between millions of IoT devices and back-end solutions. Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning is a helper service for the Azure IoT Hub that requires zero interference and just-in-time provisioning, enabling users to access and control millions of devices in a scalable and secure manner.

Azure Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins is a unique platform that allows the users, their partners and customers to create a complete digital model of any physical environment, and include places, people and things, as well as their relation and processes that keep them connected. It helps organizations to create a spatial intelligence graph that shows all connections virtually, giving businesses an idea of how they can improve their relations and create contextually aware solutions.

Azure IoT Edge

If you need to analyze data on devices, i.e. on the go, Azure IoT Edge makes it possible. It helps by shifting your workload to the edge, and allowing you to experience reduced inactivity, and offering you the option to do work offline. In short, it delivers intelligence locally by running Azure Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and custom logic no matter where you are.

Azure IoT Central

Is a software that works as a service, making it easy to connect, observe and manage IoT assets. It simplifies the extensive setup of IoT solutions, reducing the management burden, operational costs as well as overheads of a typical IoT project. Therefore, even if you have minimal IoT experience, Azure IoT Central allows you to pursue speed over customization.

When delivering an IoT solution, it becomes difficult to develop software applications for the solution in parallel with the hardware. In the IoT market, it is imperative to build and deliver a solution quickly. Unfortunately, this often leads to inadequately tested backend systems. The only way to ensure backend systems are fully tested is via realistic device simulation. There is no need to wait for hardware to be complete, or tested in production with early adopter strategies!

At KAISPE, our solutions are powered through the Microsoft-managed, Azure Internet of Things (IoT) that helps connect, control and monitor billions of IoT assets around the world. The solutions are provided by one or more, interconnected IoT devices, along with back-end services on Cloud that communicate with each other and make remote management and monitoring possible.

Understanding the need for real-time management solutions and how it can change the scenario, we provide solutions that are user-friendly, adaptable, but most of all, rewarding. We use Microsoft IoT through PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) options. In addition, we develop amazing, full-feature dashboards, and implement them for real-time data visualization using Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI).

Looking for a Proof of Concept (PoC) for your Next IoT project?

Proof of concepts (PoC) serve several purposes. When it comes to the IoT solution, a primary aim of the PoC is to substantiate that an IoT solution can deliver on the vision. The intent is to avoid skepticism on the part of client about the capabilities that can be realized and to detect situations over-promising on the capabilities of IoT before any significant investment occurs. There are four major components of an IoT solution to consider in a PoC.

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