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Microsoft IoT Platform

Solution accelerators like SaaS and PaaS offered through a Microsoft platform give you the opportunity to experience fast and uninterrupted services that may not be possible when you are on the other side of the globe. It transforms your business by creating more efficient operations and generating more revenues.

It is crucial for a business to be fully connected before it can enjoy the real benefits of working efficiently. As we move towards a more tech savvy era, Microsoft empowers businesses to track and analyze, report and take necessary actions in real time. No matter how big or small your business is, Microsoft IoT platform delivers scalable solutions across a wide-range of industries.

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators (PaaS)

With Azure IoT Solution Accelerators (PaaS), we listen to your needs and customize an IoT solution from scratch that will use codes and clouds services to manage your assets, including their connectivity, data, processes and analytics. Azure IoT solution accelerators provide a high level of control, hence allowing you to meet your combined organization goals in the timeframe you have planned. More specifically, Azure IoT Solution Accelerators provide:

  • Prebuilt Solutions
  • Connection to your existing devices and systems
  • Accelerated Time to Value
  • Ability to deploy in minutes
  • Solutions that handover ultimate control
  • Enhance Security
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Azure IoT Hub: This is a fully managed services that allows secure and reliable communications between millions of IoT devices and back-end solutions. Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning is a helper service for the Azure IoT Hub that requires zero interference and just-in-time provisioning, enabling users to access and control millions of devices in a scalable and secure manner.

Azure IoT Edge: If you need to analyze data on devices, i.e. on the go, Azure IoT Edge makes it possible. It helps by shifting your workload to the edge, and allowing you to experience reduced inactivity, and offering you the option to do work offline. In short, it delivers intelligence locally by running Azure Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and custom logic no matter where you are.

Azure Digital Twins: Azure Digital Twins is a unique platform that allows the users, their partners and customers to create a complete digital model of any physical environment, and include places, people and things, as well as their relation and processes that keep them connected. It helps organizations to create a spatial intelligence graph that shows all connections virtually, giving businesses an idea of how they can improve their relations and create contextually aware solutions.

Azure Maps: Azure Maps is yet another software that provides geographic information to mobile and web applications. The full set of REST APIs, along with web-based JavaScript controls help create flexible applications that work on mobile applications and the desktop, for all operating machines. It provides current mapping data, needed to offer real-time insights to users and customers.

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Azure IoT Central (SaaS)

Azure IoT Central is a software that works as a service, making it easy to connect, observe and manage IoT assets. It simplifies the extensive setup of IoT solutions, reducing the management burden, operational costs as well as overheads of a typical IoT project. Therefore, even if you have minimal IoT experience, Azure IoT Central allows you to pursue speed over customization.

Even if you are a small business with only a few devices to operate, more predictable scenarios and limited capabilities in relation to IoT, you can enjoy the benefits of IoT services. Businesses that lacked the time and money as well as the expertise to design connected products can now work on their dream projects, thanks to Azure IoT Central. Microsoft leads the industry when it comes to providing professional SaaS solutions, addressing common IoT application requirements.

  • Fully managed IoT SaaS
  • No cloud solution development expertise required
  • Customizable
  • Ideal for people stepping into the world of IoT

Power BI

Since we live in a data-driven world, organizations today focus more on managing and utilizing their data to its full potential. For this, the emphasis is on data from any IoT solution. Microsoft IoT helps businesses generate huge volumes of data, allowing them to apply advanced analytics and discover new opportunities that could take them further. KAISPE excels in visualizing data using Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports, so that you can make faster decisions and be the first in the market to reap the benefits.

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