IoT and Process Automation solutions are not alien to any business sector today, as the world towards a more advanced technological era where all devices, assets and sensors are interconnected to provide real-time information and solutions to businesses. Internet of Things (IoT) and Process Automation aim at filling the gaps between the knowledge a business has, and the knowledge and insights it needs to get to a superior position. Not just industry giants, but SMB’s are taking the leap and investing in these solutions to enjoy higher returns.

At KAISPE, we specialize in asset tracking that allows businesses to locate their physical assets’ location, due dates etc. We aim to help our customers save money, and collect relevant data that will improve the decision making process, preventing losses while maximizing asset utilization. We operate in 3 key industries:


The manufacturing industry has evolved over the years, and as the world gets more competitive, new and more sophisticated technology needs to be introduced to gain that competitive edge and outperform the competition. We provide agile solutions to offer you specialized services and increase your operational efficiency. Our pre-configured solutions enable common applications such as:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Operations
  • Connected Factory
  • Remote Security

In addition to these fully customizable solutions, we also use the fully managed, end-to-end solutions.

Distribution and Logistics

Building a resilient Supply Chain has become now very important for organizations. With end-to-end supply chain visibility, customers can make clear, data driven demand and supply decisions in a crisis. Organizations will be able to return to normal faster and better protect themselves from future disruptions with agile planning, sourcing, and distribution processes. Protect profits, reputation, and competitive advantage with intelligent supply chain insights.

Any company’s supply chain may be composed of large and complex networks that will include the process of receiving materials, manufacturing them and then distributing the batches. Digital transformation helps close loops and bring the processes into a linear sequence, giving option to managers to create value. With our solutions developed using Microsoft Azure and Power platform, organization will be able to make their warehouses, machinery, and the distribution network safer, securer and optimized.

Professional Services

A majority of the organizations today outsource a majority of their functions that are managed through professional services. However, without a sound digital strategy, most businesses find themselves coming back in a loop and facing the same issues they started with. Today, professional services organizations perform most of the data integration and management tasks, providing real-time trends and insights to help the business grow.

With our productivity apps developed using Microsoft Power platform, the main benefits customers can get include:

  • Timely Management
  • Reduced Time Lag
  • Improved Functionality
  • Reduced Costs of:
    • Risk Management
    • Compliance
    • Security Concerns