Using Microsoft Forms with PowerApps

Some people say that Microsoft Forms is one of the most underrated Office 365 services. While it is an excellent tool for engaging users and a light weight app to make survey, quiz feedback form in Microsoft’s cloud world, it is often overlooked by most as a simple survey tool. In this blog post, I will present the basics of using Microsoft Forms and how we can use it with PowerApps.

So, lets start creating a feedback form for training course app.

  • Go to the
  • Select Microsoft Forms from left menu.
  • Click New From.

Here is little demo of creation a simple form about training course app:



Next, we need to implement this in our canvas app.

  • Go to PowerApps ( Link )
  • Select Apps from left menu.
  • Select New App and select Canvas.

Here is the Demo Screen I have created in the app where you can select a program from a dropdown menu and can navigate to Microsoft Forms site and can submit the response:



In last, what you can do is to save your feedback response using Power Automate in to your share point list so that we can analyze feedback response from a user in our app.

Here is chart we have use to analyze the feedback response from a user:




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