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Auto Appointment Scheduling for Medical Practitioners

  • May 25, 2020

As we all know, the healthcare industry is a complex field, with many participants in the entire value chain. The scope of the industry means that automation and process optimization can not only eliminate paperwork or reduce the time required to process, archive or store forms, although these tasks are undoubtedly a large part of the RPA technology requirements. Let us consider some common processes that medical service providers often use. These processes can be simplified by using RPA and the potential impact on the industry.

So, if we consider patient appointment scheduling where patients make regular appointments with their doctors, but sometimes they must be cancelled. Canceling appointments and not showing up can be expensive for health providers. So, here we have introduced RPA which can be used to minimize the involvement of human employees in the scheduling process, and can also help optimize the number of appointments by managing appointments with patients.

Here at KAISPE LLC, we are working on Auto Appointment Scheduling which you can connect with you online web portal or any source. So, let’s discuss some of the step what we are providing to benefit healthcare industry.

  • Patient comes with detailed information such as;
    – Patient Name.
    – Appointment Location.
    – Purpose of Visit.
    – Clinic location.
    – Doctor Name.
    – Appointment Date.
  • RPA will look into doctor’s schedule as per patients’ requirements.
  • RPA will send back an email to the patient along with available slot.
  • Patient will choose his/her desire appointment timings and send back an email.
  • RPA will create an appointment in doctor’s schedule.

As we have used Doctor Rooster, RPA will look into the rooster for doctor’s available time slot. Here you can see the Rooster Snippets:

Here is how RPA scheduled patient appointment and it will contain patient detail in mail body:


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