Bring your own model into AI Builder

Hi all,

Now, we can Bring our own AI builder model into Power Platform using LOBE.

The first phase of this feature release focused on supporting common external models and the import of models created in LOBE as enabler. LOBE is a free desktop application that allows edge training of AI models that focus on vision and classification scenarios.

We are using LOBE & download dataset from Kaggle to face mask detection using PowerApps.

LOBE Steps:

  • Import (Images, Camera, Dataset)

  • Train your model


  • Use your model. (Export your model to your power platform environment).

Architecture Diagram

Now we use this model into our PowerApp to detect if the user wear the mask or not?

Hopefully, this will help when you want to bring your own model into AI Builder. If you want to find out more, please contact us

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