KAISPE IoT Web Portal is now Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CE)

NEW YORK, April 20, 2020 – KAISPE is pleased to inform that our IoT Web Portal is now integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using Microsoft Azure LogicApps.

This will help organizations achieve seamless business integration with Dynamics 365 for various IoT scenarios. Customers can now raise a number of records including customer service cases, work orders, purchase orders etc. seamlessly from our web portal to handle both rule based and machine learning based events for business assets. A typical example is when a rule gets violated against a telemetry in IoT portal, the device data along with rule details will be sent out automatically to CRM application to raise a maintenance work order for field service team. Another example is when the operating condition of an asset gets predicted with higher probability of abnormality, a case can be created for the internal technical team to work on. This will help in field service smart scheduling and a number of other useful customer service and field service scenarios.

Please note that our IoT Web Portal also provides email and webhook options to send notifications. If you want to know more about the solution, please feel free to contact us info@kaispe.com.

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