Using Monitor in Microsoft PowerApps

Today we are going to talk about Microsoft PowerApps Monitor. The idea behind the PowerApps Monitor is to see the performance of your App and what’s going on in your App in very detail. In other words, it shows what you are doing with the app. You can monitor your Published app as well as the App in the Edit Mode.

In Edit Mode, Go to the Advanced Tools on the left navigation tab and Open Monitor.

Now, you can play the app in edit mode and you can see the monitor screen.

It keeps logging everything you can do with your app. You can click and see the detailed result of every single thing and It is very useful to monitor your request and response.

We can invite people or other developers to share the Monitor screen to shows what’s going on with the App. It is going to generate the hyperlink that sends email automatically to the invited user. You can copy the hyperlink and share it with any communication media do you like. The session will be expired after 1 hour of the invite.

You can monitor the published app as follow.

Click on the Monitor and you will be able to see the monitor screen for the published app.

You can play the published app using the monitor screen.

You can invite and connect the user to the published app.

You can download the result as well. It is saving in a JSON format. You can analyze it later after uploading the JSON file.

The conclusion is, If you have a slow app that’s an option you have to check out the monitor and if you have an end-user that’s complaining about the app being slow or having a problem and you can’t repro the steps so it a perfect thing to do where you can make sure it’s a published app and share the link to the end-user and then monitor what they were doing that cause the app slow or an error occurs. You can easily troubleshoot it.


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