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Business Process Flow Component in Microsoft Power Platform

  • December 28, 2022

This functionality is already present in the Model-Driven App, but what if we use it in Canvas App, therefore we’re making a component for business process flow. Here, we built the component from scratch and used it in our Canvas application.

A business process flow is a series of interconnected tasks and activities that are required to complete a business process. It is a visual representation of the steps involved in a process, from start to finish, and helps to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

  1. The goal of any sales organization is to identify prospects and turn them into revenue. In CRM, we have
    Qualify: A potential lead is identified and then changed into qualified or disqualified.
    Develop: An opportunity is created and other details such as the products and services they’re interested in, estimated revenue, and timelines are added to the opportunity.
    Propose: A quote is added to the opportunity and formally presented to the customer.
    Close: The customer agrees to the quote and an order is generated.
    Fulfill: After the order is fulfilled, an invoice is generated to bill the customer.
  2. We are achieving these functionalities in our Canvas App. For achieving all these functionalities of CRM, we have mentioned each functionality step by step.
    1. We created a Gallery and customized the number of items  in single row by modifying the Wrap Count
    2. We made custom property of Table type, where we placed all the tasks in chronological order.
    3. We created 4 properties of Table data.
      •  ID
      • Status Title
      • Status Flag
      • Current Stage Specifier (IsMainScreen)
    4. We updated the OnSelect property of Gallery Items, by setting the value of a customized Global Variable as ThisItem.ID.
      • ThisItem.ID keeps the ID of selected item in Gallery.
    5. We updated the Text property of Gallery as ThisItem.StatusTitle.
    6. After completing these pillars of Business Process Flow, we implemented the color properties on buttons, and Gallery Items.
      • We modified Fill and HoverFill.
      • Finally, after customizing all the properties of Component, we called this Component in our MENU screen.
    7. We have achieved this functionality of CRM in our Canvas App using component-driven approach.

      I hope you found it useful. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us [email protected].