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Microsoft Azure IoT Central Updates

  • November 1, 2019

Microsoft has recently announced several major updates to Azure IoT Central that will surely help solution builders to move their IoT projects from proof of concept to production level. Following are the included features:

  • Microsoft released 11 new industry-focused application templates that are expected to simplify IoT deployment in retail, healthcare, government and energy industries. In addition, Microsoft has announced five IoT Central retail application templates for builders to brand, customize and build their own applications through APIs and the scalability of data connectors for business applications.
  • Next there is Public APIs to support for extending IoT Central with other solutions, including device modeling, provisioning, lifecycle management, operations and data queries.
  • IoT Central expand its portfolio with IoT Edge support, including management of edge devices and IoT Edge module deployment which enables customers to deploy cloud workloads, including AI, directly to connected devices.
  • There is also a very cool feature Microsoft has introduced is seamless device connectivity with IoT Plug and Play where customers can now build production-level IoT solutions in a matter of days without having to write a single line of device code, dramatically reducing time-to-market and costs.
  • Application reusability is something that solution builders can use application templates to export investments and replicate investments for new customers, saving configuration and customization time.
  • As we know that many solution builders need not only repetitive but also more. They also need manageability to truly extend their investment to their customers. That’s why Azure IoT Central support multi-tenancy where solution builders can build once and use the multi-tenant interface to globally load, configure, and update many customers and organizations to deliver device and data sovereignty without sacrificing manageability.
  • User access control through custom user roles where Custom user roles allows you well-defined access control of data and operations and configurations in the system. It gives users complete control over their needs.
  • Device and data scale where Azure IoT Central can scales user’s data processing pipelines and provides storage to support millions of devices.
  • In last, Microsoft will introduced a new pricing tier to make the cost of the expansion solution more affordable. Azure IoT Central customers will soon be able to choose between multiple pricing plans based on their specific message volume needs.