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Speech Therapy Apps – The Ultimate Speech Therapy Solution

  • February 6, 2023

Speech Therapy Apps – In today’s digital era, as hard as you try, it is often impossible to keep children away from electronic devices – because they are everywhere. Not only are kids fascinated, but even teenagers and adults love to spend their time using them.

When put to good use, electronic media can be the ultimate speech therapy solution for children suffering from speech delays and language issues.

So, if you are worried your child does not stay focused or attentive during their speech therapy sessions, using an app can help you with it.

There are amazing apps that are kid-friendly, appealing, and specifically designed to enhance your child’s focus and indulge them in learning and improving their language skills.

To help you make the speech therapy sessions fun and improve your child’s communication, we have shortlisted and reviewed the five best speech therapy apps that align with your child’s needs.

5 Best Apps for Speech Therapy Solutions

Here are some of the best apps to find speech therapy solutions for your little ones. These apps are fun, educational, and engaging, making your children love their sessions and motivating them to learn more.

We will enlist the pros and cons of all these apps and brief reviews so you can make the best yet informed decision for your child.

1. Articulation Station App – Suggested for Articulation & Enunciation

Speech Therapy Apps If you are looking for a comprehensive speech therapy app that can boost language-learning skills, then the Articulation Station, developed by Little Bee Speech, is your go-to.

A Brief Insight

If your child loses focus and attention during their sessions, this app is a perfect speech therapy solution for you. As it often gets challenging for your child to communicate and speak correctly, this amazing tool empowers your child to articulate and enunciate (pronounce) words properly.

zith this app feature to play at various levels, you set it according to your child’s needs, sentence formation, and making a word or story level.

Features in this app:

  • More than 1000 audio pictures are regularly moderated by speech-language professionals
  • Pictures that respond to 22 different types of sounds that you can place at the beginning, middle, end, or all three for your child to work on
  • Press and turn flashcards, play memory-boosting games, and read a story by making key sounds
  • Record function with audio feedback to keep a check on your child’s progress throughout the various levels

Pros of this app:

  • It serves as a comprehensive practice and learning tool
  • Offers a free trial period to check if your child responds to it
  • Provides a recording function with audio feedback
  • Enables you to track your child’s progress
  • Offers an option to purchase only the sounds that you need

Cons of this app:

  • You can only test one sound in the free trial
  • This app is a little on the pricier side

2. LAMP Words For Life App – Suggested for Autistic Children

Speech Therapy Apps If your child is autistic, it can get quite challenging to indulge them in learning and speaking, but with this app – not anymore.

This app, based on the Language Acquisition via Motor Planning system, was developed by Prentke Romich College to empower autistic children to boost their speech and communication skills.

A Brief Insight

LAMP is an excellent learning tool for children with autism that provides them with a wide range of language growth opportunities to improve their speaking skills.

This app, specially designed to fulfill the needs of autistic kids’ needs and comfort them, works on a systematic approach with a motor pattern for words.

Features in this app:

  • Features three vocabulary levels (introductory, transition, and full) that contain 83 to 3,000 words
  • Works on a symbol based approached for the beginners
  • Complies with the needs of children with advanced skills

Pros of this app:

  • Appropriate for all abilities in autism
  • Features a consistent and systematic approach to boosting learning
  • Proven strategy to develop and improve language skills

Cons of this app:

  • A costly app
  • Only works on iPad

3. Splingo’s Language Universe App – Suggested for Receptive Language Skills

Speech Therapy Apps This instructional app is best to help your children improve their language and listening skills. Splingo’s Language Universe app was developed by the Speech and Language store.

A Brief Insight

For every concerned parent, here is some good news – this app is designed by speech and language therapists to serve as a speech therapy solution.

You will love that this app aligns with the fundamentals that improve speaking and listening skills.

Features in this app:

  • A colorful and fun alien-themed game with various difficulty levels to enhance learning and test your child’s abilities
  • The child’s progress can be tracked and saved through the game
  • Improves nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions
  • Each task comes with a set of easy-to-understand instructions to complete it

Pros of this app:

  • This app comes at a very low, one-off price
  • Can teach several language goals at one time
  • Designed by professional speech and language therapists
  • Tracks and saves the progress of your child

Cons of this app:

  • The game is not available for Android – you will need an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, to play it

4. Starfall ABCs App – Suggested for Alphabet Practice

Speech Therapy Apps If your child has been struggling with ABCs, this app is an excellent way to make them practice and learn the alphabet with the sounds in an easy and fun way.

The Starfall Education Foundation, a publicly funded non-profit organization, built this app.

A Brief Insight

Are you looking for a more school-like approach to make your children learn and pronounce the alphabet? Then, this app is just the perfect speech therapy solution for you.

A teacher-approved app helps the child learn all upper and lower case alphabets with their sounds colorfully and appealingly. It keeps them engaged throughout, so they do not lose interest.

Features in this app:

  • A colorful and fun-themed app to teach alphabets with sounds
  • Also teaches vowels, colors, shapes, counting, and much more
  • Have songs with actions to learn even more fun
  • Have multiple interactive and educational mini-games

Pros of this app:

  • Offers access to loads of free content with zero adds
  • A teacher-approved tool for learning
  • Boosts child’s confidence
  • Improves pronunciation and recognition
  • Teaches alphabet in sign language

Cons of this app:

  • There is no recorded audio feedback
  • Does not track or save your child’s progress

5. My Talking Tom App – Suggested for Children Reluctant to Talk

Speech Therapy Apps If your child loves animals, get this app for them. Even though it is a very old app, released first in 2010, it is still loved by many

This app was released by Outfit7 not particularly to help with speech delays or language problems, but it now serves as a go-to speech therapy solution for children who are reluctant to talk.

A Brief Insight

The app features a game with a talking cat that repeat the things you say in a cute, funny voice, making children love it. This way, your child can learn the words with sounds to improve their pronunciation.

Features in this app:

  • Helps children learn and practice the differentiation between words and their sounds
  • Have several features like dressing, eating, or feeding the cat (keeping the child engaged)
  • Have many built-in puzzles, mini-games, and memory-boosting games

Pros of this app:

  • Encourages reluctant talkers to talk
  • Provides audio feedback
  • Children love talking to Tom

Cons of this app:

  • The free trial has many ads

Choose Your Pick

When seeking a speech therapy solution, there is no one-app-fits-all.

Choosing a suitable speech therapy app can get tricky. One app that produces outcomes for one child can work differently for the other.

This is why it is important to assess your child’s needs and abilities and select the best app. You can hopefully find something beneficial for your child in this blog that will help them in one way or the other with their speech, language, and communication skills.

While you shortlist the best speech therapy app, limit their screen time, and engage them in physical and learning activities.

Choose your pick wisely! After all, it is about your child and their future.