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Implementing Geofencing in PowerApps using Latitude and Longitude

  • March 19, 2024

Geofencing is a powerful feature that allows you to define virtual boundaries around a geographical area, triggering actions when a user enters or exits the specified region. In this blog post, we’ll explore a practical implementation of geofencing in PowerApps using latitude and longitude values.


Our goal is to enable a specific functionality within PowerApps only when the user is within a 100-meter radius of a predefined location. To achieve this, we’ll leverage the Location. Latitude and Location. Longitude functions in PowerApps and calculate the distance between the user’s location and the target area.


  • Determine the Target Location:

    • Identify the latitude and longitude values of the target location where you want to apply the geofencing.
  • Capture User’s Location:

    • Utilize the Location.Latitude and Location.Longitude functions in PowerApps to retrieve the current location of the user.
      Set(userLatitude, Location.Latitude);
      Set(userLongitude, Location.Longitude);
  • Calculate Distance:

    • Use the Haversine formula to calculate the distance between the user’s location and the target location.
      Set(distance, Acos(Sin(Radians(targetLatitude)) * Sin(Radians(userLatitude)) + Cos(Radians(targetLatitude))*Cos(Radians(userLatitude)) * Cos(Radians(userLongitude – targetLongitude))) *6371 * 1000 // Earth radius in kilometers, converted to meters);
    • Adjust the threshold (in this case, 100 meters) according to your geofencing requirements.
    • Check Geofencing Condition:
    • Implement a conditional statement to enable or disable the specific functionality based on the calculated distance.
      If(distance <= 100,Set(functionalityEnabled, true),Set(functionalityEnabled, false));


By leveraging the latitude and longitude values along with the Haversine formula, we can easily implement geofencing in PowerApps. This solution offers a practical and efficient way to enable or disable specific features based on the user’s proximity to a predefined location. Experiment with different geofencing radii and explore how this implementation can enhance the user experience in your PowerApps applications.

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