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Understanding the Critical Role of Purchase Requisitions in Streamlining Procurement Processes

  • February 29, 2024

Every business has a wide range of purchasing needs, ranging from raw materials and office supplies to technology services. An efficient procurement process is key for effectively managing these expenditures, with purchase requisitions serving as a crucial first step. Instead of allowing employees to make independent purchasing decisions, many businesses mandate a system where they must first submit a purchase requisition for internal examination and approval. This not only ensures the necessity and compliance of the purchases but also aids in preventing fraudulent activities. Additionally, it provides a transparent record for accounting and auditing purposes.

What is a Purchase Requisition?

A purchase requisition is an internal document that signifies the intent to acquire goods or services for the company. It is completed by an employee and sent to the relevant people or departments for assessment and approval. This could include the employee’s immediate supervisor as well as the organization’s central procurement or purchasing department. Following the approval of the purchase requisition, the company proceeds to issue a purchase order for the requested items to the suitable vendor.
  • The initiation of a company’s purchasing procedure begins with a purchase requisition.
  • A purchase requisition is an internal plea from an employee or department for the acquisition of goods or services. Following an internal evaluation and acceptance, it forms the basis for generating a purchase order which is then forwarded to a supplier.
  • The process of purchase requisition aids in the efficient management of procurement, regulation of expenditure, fraud prevention, and provides essential records for financial audits.
  • The automation of purchase requisition workflows allows businesses to eliminate tedious, slow, and error-prone manual procedures, thereby yielding significant benefits.

Why are Purchase Requisitions Essential for Businesses?

Integrating purchase requisitions into a strategically planned purchasing procedure offers multiple benefits to the organization and its employees. Here are some of the most notable advantages:

Establishes a transparent procedure for employees

A purchase requisition procedure helps establish guidelines on who is authorized to make purchases, the timing, and the method. By incorporating a purchase requisition stage, a company provides clear instructions to employees, managers, and procurement teams on how to manage purchases.

Enhances transparency in procurement

Purchase requisitions contribute to a clearer understanding of which teams and individuals are procuring what items and for what reasons – this is particularly true when the requisitions are generated electronically as opposed to paper-based.

Manages expenses

The validation procedure plays a crucial role in avoiding unnecessary or excessive expenditures. A purchase requisition usually undergoes scrutiny to verify its accuracy and genuine necessity. This evaluation process aids in confirming that the procurement requests are reasonable and within the budgetary constraints. Moreover, by consolidating purchases across the company, businesses can negotiate better prices and terms with vendors.

Prevents or identifies fraudulent activities

A robustly structured and strictly implemented purchase requisition procedure diminishes the chances for unscrupulous employees to procure items for personal gain or conspire with vendors to deceive the company.

Conforms to procurement policies

Procurement teams can assess purchasing requests to ensure they are targeted towards authorized vendors and comply with other corporate policies.

Avoids repetitive orders

A centralized procurement function that supervises all purchase requisitions enhances the capability to identify repeated requests for identical products or services originating from various individuals.

Drawbacks of Manual Purchase Requisition Workflow

Though the primary aim of reviewing purchase requisitions is to regulate employee procurement, it’s critical that the process is not so demanding or sluggish that it hinders business activities. Streamlining the purchase requisition workflow is beneficial for all parties involved: the company, its employees, and its suppliers.

Nevertheless, a manual purchase requisition process can bring about nearly as many challenges as it addresses.

  • Requesters and approvers may squander time searching for information, pursuing paper documents, and rectifying errors.
  • Manual procedures can be hard to synchronize and provide minimal insight into potential problems like duplicate requisitions and potential fraud.
  • Bulky manual processes can also decelerate the overall purchasing cycle, adversely affecting business operations and performance.

Advantages of Digitizing the Purchase Requisition Process

Digitizing the purchase requisition process can eradicate laborious manual procedures and aid the business in enhancing supervision and controlling excessive expenditure.

  • Digitization of the workflow saves time for everyone and simplifies this crucial initial stage in the procurement process.
  • Employees can promptly input their purchase requests using standard templates and direct their requests to the relevant reviewers.
  • The digital transition also streamlines the entire procurement workflow, accelerates review and approval times, and minimizes errors linked to manual purchase requisition processes.
  • The automation of the process also heightens visibility, facilitating better understanding of expenditure across the company and simpler detection of unnecessary or non-compliant purchases.

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