KAISPE – IPs developed using Microsoft Power Platform for Dynamics 365 CE

At KAISPE, we have been developing some really useful productivity solutions to meet enterprise business process automation needs. We are working on Microsoft Power platform to deliver solutions that reduce the hassle of doing repetitive tasks and hence improve the overall operational efficiency. Some of the key solutions we have developed are:

  • Contact creation in MS Dynamics 365 CE using MS Power Automate, Common Data Service (CDS) and Excel
  • IoT alert handling using MS IoT Central, MS Teams, Dynamics 365 CE Field Service and Power Automate
  • Automatic lead generation in MS Dynamics 365 CE using MS Power Automate (UI Flow) and Outlook
  • Sales Quote process automation using MS Dynamics 365 CE Sales, CDS and Power Automate
  • Product information management using MS Dynamics 365 CE, CDS, OneDrive and Power Automate

Please feel free to contact us info@kaispe.com for product demo.

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