Power Automate Desktop (Preview) – RPA authoring on the desktop

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Softomotive, a low-code robotic process automation company focused on Windows. At Ignite, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop introduces a new drag-and-drop visual designer that has more than 370 operations running on the desktop, so you can automate daily tasks to more complex business processes and workflows-all from a smart Automation platform.

Based on powerful RPA features, advanced desktop features enable any enterprise user to:

  • Accelerate automation with an easy-to-use visual designer:
    Using Power Automate Desktop, all users can automate tasks or processes directly from a Windows computer. A new drag and drop visual designer and real-time debugging tools.
  • Simulate multiple scenarios with the web and desktop recorders:
    We can use Web Recorder to automate our favorite web applications or use Desktop Recorder to capture screen elements from Windows applications.
  • Automate between Windows applications with key actions:
    Automate modern Windows applications and old systems through various operations without changing the current IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce bottlenecks with flexible exception handling:
    By setting protective measures, such as retries, alternate execution, or notification when an error occurs, you can ensure that automation runs with high accuracy and speed. Each operation in the script supports codeless error and exception handling, as well as an execution log containing error details and screenshots to help troubleshoot.

With the new and intuitive Power Automate Desktop, automation is faster and easier than ever. It comes with a new process designer, which has a variety of operations, including files and folders, Excel and desktop automation.

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