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Optimizing Field Efficiency: Furbish Unleashes Potential with KAISPE’s Field Inspection App

  • November 30, 2023

Michael Furbish established Furbishco in 2003 as a sustainable development firm focused on high-performance buildings. They initially provided solar thermal, geothermal, straw-bale, and natural plasters technology. Furbish grew in popularity in the still-developing green roof industry after completing a number of successful projects. Green Design and Construction Support, Installation, Maintenance, Project Compliance, and Renovation are major services. They steadily expanded their mission to install and maintain green roofs across the Mid-Atlantic region.

However, in the middle of all these achievements, Furbish faced the overwhelming challenges of getting through the process. Their existing method for field inspection lacked communication, was prone to errors, and had less accuracy in the data. So, they reached KAISPE looking for an app solution to enhance their communication and data analysis. 


Facing challenges in managing their field team for solar installations and connecting them with the admin department, the company encountered additional hurdles. Besides, regular inspection often comes with a set of challenges, and maintaining data for future insights was quite tough. Moreover, ensuring compliance with standard regulations to install or renovate green design and construction was taking a toll on their mind. KAISPE audited their existing system and method to understand the process. As our team better understood the system, they suggested a field inspection app for better communication, timely response, and accurate data analysis. 

Solution by KAISPE – Field Inspection App

Field inspections are essential for ensuring the best performance of corporate assets. These inspections include on-site operations that assure compliance with health and safety requirements, analyze asset functioning conditions, and identify essential areas for improvement. Organizations can use the KAISPE’s Field Inspection app to inspect building sites, infrastructure, manufacturing facilities and machinery, field equipment, roadways, and public works, among other things.

This app has proven to be an invaluable aid in overcoming the challenges of routine inspections, assuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and promoting on-site improvements. The KAISPE’s Field Inspection App for Furbish is also intended to check a variety of assets, ranging from building sites to manufacturing plants, and to provide a consistent platform for efficient workflows and easy management for field managers. 

Moreover, recognizing the challenges of field team management they faced, our team recommended KAISPE field inspection app. This innovative solution streamlined field operations, improved communication, ensured timely responses, and facilitated accurate data analysis. Overcoming these challenges, the app became a cornerstone in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness for the company.

KAISPE believes in fast pacing every business, and with Furbish, it was a delightful experience of challenges. We customized our Field Inspection app to their business needs, and results show why it was a great effort by the team” (KAISPE – CEO)


The Field Inspection app integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Asset Management throughout the installation. This interface was critical for field service teams, providing seamless coordination and data flow between various business components.

  • Multi-Language Support

This feature was designed to improve accessibility and usability across a multilingual workforce, ensuring that language barriers did not impede effective communication and data management.

  • Customer Assets Management

Furbish was able to track and manage assets more efficiently, offering a comprehensive overview of their assets’ status, history, and maintenance requirements.

  • Service Checklist

This checklist guaranteed that all necessary stages and inspections were carried out methodically, limiting the possibility of errors and enhancing the overall quality and thoroughness of inspections.

The Results

One of the notable results was data gathering efficiency during field inspections. The app’s transition from manual to digital data collecting reduced errors, making the obtained information more trustworthy and useful for decision-making.

The app’s analytics features enabled efficient data analysis. The insights from the data collection helped them with better decision-making processes and proactive maintenance planning.

Moreover, the app has the ability to ensure regulatory compliance. It helped in monitoring requirements and issuing notifications, lowering the likelihood of noncompliance with standard regulations.

Furthermore, the app’s connection with Microsoft Dynamics 365 resulted in substantial benefits. It increases overall efficiency by enabling seamless coordination and data flow among various Furbish’s business processes.