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Purchase Requisition App by KAISPE | Making Tagawa Green House More Efficient

  • November 24, 2023

The Tagawa Green House is a business owned by a family in the USA. Started in 1967 by Frank and Hazel Tagawa. They taught their 5 boys and one girl life’s best ingredients, including hard work, honesty, dedication, leadership, and commitment to a successful business. Beginning with tilling the soil and growing vegetables, the family expanded by constructing their first carnation greenhouse and later producing bedding plants and roses.

To remain competitive, the family expanded their product lines to include blooming plants, poinsettias, and production of young plants. The company has grown to become one of the leading plant producers in the United States.


After all the accomplishments and dreams, Tagawa was still struggling with manual purchasing and service request processes. The company wanted a digital solution that included an app for use in procurement operations on a daily basis, automating the processes for requesting products and services.

It was difficult to create a requisition and have it reviewed by authorized users due to an inefficient existing solution. The previous process was error-prone and inflexible, requiring reviewers to manage requisition details excessively.

Some of their team members reached out to KAISPE, a Microsoft partner that provides unique solutions to industrial customers.

Founded in 2018, KAISPE focuses on helping customers with their digital transformation journey using Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Power Platform. Tagawa is now anticipating more transformative solutions from KAISPE right now.

Solution by KAISPE – Purchase Requisition App

Once we had a detailed review of their current system, KAISPE offered Frank and Hazel our Purchase Requisition app. The Purchase Requisition App from KAISPE is intended to simplify the purchase requisition process by providing a user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based solution. Customers can easily raise, review, and manage purchase requisitions from a single location using our app, all while on the go.


KAISPE built its Purchase Requisition app, which includes a workflow engine based on Microsoft Power Automate. The app integrates with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Apps, leveraging existing technology while providing users with a familiar, intuitive interface. Tagawa employees can manage approvals and receive notifications via email or Teams, eliminating the need to launch a separate app. By leveraging their experience with Microsoft 365 Office apps, the seamless experience optimizes how users work and collaborate.

The Tagawa Team can now access their requisitions from tablet devices, allowing them to review, manage, and finalize requisitions from anywhere at any time. In addition, the solution provides supervisors, department heads, and executives with a single, consolidated view of purchasing requirements, enabling them to make better business decisions.


The results are nothing short of amazingness, as the founders say themselves. Thanks to our streamlined processes, operational efficiency is only rising now, leading to a remarkable 25% reduction in processing time. With the impressive end-to-end implementation, including customizations, we implemented it quickly.

This matchless efficiency not only saves time but also contributes to cost savings, with a 20% decrease in the operational costs of Tagawa Green House. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures seamless adoption, with employees easily navigating across multiple devices. Experience the power of an easy view, providing supervisors, department heads, and executives with real-time insights.

“The numbers speak for themselves – KAISPE’s solution is not just a technological upgrade; it has made procurement go soaring for Tagawa Green House.  (KAISPE CEO)