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4Fingers Just Got its Procurement Process Automated with KAISPE Purchase Requisition App

  • April 20, 2023

4Fingers is a Singapore-based fast-food chain. The company has grown rapidly over the years, with multiple locations across the country. While their chicken was best on the subway, they were still struggling with a manual solution to initiate the procurement process for each location and outlet. To overcome these challenges, 4Fingers decided to upgrade their procurement process with the Purchase Requisition App by KAISPE. 

The manual procurement process was time-consuming and cumbersome. It involved multiple steps: paper-based requisition, approval, purchase order creation, and vendor communication. With multiple locations, the manual process became even more challenging, leading to delays in purchasing and higher operational costs. The procurement process was also prone to errors, wasting time and resources. This was when they approached KAISPE, as it has a reputation for developing innovative solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.  

Overcoming these challenges: Making a Way to Success for 4Fingers 

To overcome these challenges, 4Fingers implemented the KAISPE Purchase Requisition App, a centralized procurement platform that automated many of the manual processes involved in procurement. The app allowed real-time tracking of all procurement activities, from purchase requisitions to purchase orders and delivery, enabling 4Fingers to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks and delays. 

Solution by KAISPE: 4Fingers Sizzles with Streamlined Procurement Process 

KAISPE’s Purchase Requisition App provides a comprehensive solution to automate the procurement process. The app offers a simple and user-friendly interface for requisition creation, approval, purchase order creation, and vendor communication. The app’s customizable workflows were aligned with 4Fingers’ specific requirements, providing a tailored procurement experience. Additionally, the app’s analytics and reporting allowed 4Fingers to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement. 

Implementation: 4Fingers having their all fingers free for other business areas 

After carefully evaluating various procurement software options, 4Fingers chose KAISPE‘s Purchase Requisition App. The implementation process was carried out over a few weeks, and the team at KAISPE provided extensive training and support to ensure a smooth transition. The app was customized to meet the specific needs of 4Fingers, including the integration with their existing accounting software. 

Results: 4Fingers saved 50% of their time for the procurement process 

Implementing Purchase Requisition App has significantly improved 4Fingers’ procurement process. The entire process is automated, reducing the time and effort required for procurement. The app has also enabled better vendor communication, resulting in faster and more efficient purchasing. The integration with accounting software has streamlined the entire process, resulting in better financial management. 

  1. The procurement process automation has reduced the time required for procurement by 50%. The users can create and submit requisitions in minutes, and the app generates purchase orders automatically. 
  2. The app has reduced the operational costs associated with procurement. The users can track the order status, resolve issues with vendors directly, and avoid the costs associated with paper-based communication. 
  3. The app has enabled 4Fingers to achieve better control over their procurement process. The users can track procurement expenses, analyze spending trends, and make informed decisions. 
  4. The app has enabled better communication with vendors, resulting in faster and more efficient purchasing. This has improved vendor relationships and resulted in better pricing and delivery terms. 

4Fingers is not only delicious now but also fast and efficient 

The Purchase Requisition App by KAISPE has provided an excellent solution for 4Fingers’ procurement process. With the app’s automation, the entire process has become faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. The app’s customization and integration with the existing accounting software have made the procurement process seamless, resulting in better financial management. Overall, the app has helped 4Fingers to achieve better control over their procurement process, enabling them to focus on their core business.