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Edgo Streamlines its Travel Expense management process using KAISPE Expense Report App and gains 80% productivity boost

  • March 5, 2023

The Engineering and Development Group (Edgo) is an international company focused on the energy services sector. Since its inception in 1956, Edgo has grown into a diverse and successful multidisciplinary business, providing oilfield services and support operations to the oil and gas industry in the Middle East and Africa. Edgo was looking for a technology solution to digitize the Travel Expense management, so Nabil Shalan, Senior IT Manager, contacted KAISPE and showed interest in KAISPE Expense Report App developed using Microsoft Power Platform. With its highly flexible and configurable workflow, KAISPE was able to successfully implement the solution resulted in 80% gain in business productivity.

A multi-location organization with complex travel expense management process was facing difficulty managing the expenses

Edgo is a diverse and multidisciplinary company operating in 35 locations in 20 countries. Their experienced teams deliver oilfield services and support operations throughout the Middle East and Africa. Edgo pioneering spirit and resilience has seen us succeed in some of the world’s harshest and most physically complex environments.

Having offices in multiple global locations, Edgo was struggling with managing the business travel expenses. Their current process was manual and too cumbersome. They were not able to itemize the expenses with proper expense categories, approval workflow was manual with lots of paperwork, hard copies of receipts were maintained for expenses and above all, manual control on expenses was present.  Since Edgo has been using Microsoft Dynamics ERP as their backend business application, they had a mandatory requirement to integrate Expense Management with the ERP.

While looking for a technology solution to digitize the expense management process, Nabil came across KAISPE Expense Report app on Microsoft AppSource. Founded in 2018, KAISPE focuses on helping customers with their digital transformation journey by using Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Power Platform. After the very first Product Demo, Nabil was impressed with how KAISPE app was offering highly configurable approval workflow with flexible expense control policies.

Strong internal control on expenses with configurable policies

KAISPE app provides a configurable way to define expense policies with custom violation messages to the app user based on expense categories and keeps audit history of any violations occurred. Edgo was able to define their own expense policies resulted in strong internal control in place.

“Using KAISPE app, we were able to achieve the internal control we wanted to above and beyond. Audit history against each violation on expense reports helps us getting insights to further improve this control”, Nabil said.

Highly flexible expense itemization and approval workflow

Edgo required its employees to provide a detailed breakdown of expenses incurred during a travel trip. Using KAISPE Expense Report app, users were able to select the expense category along with relevant subcategory on expense entry making it possible to report the expense on a more granular level.

Edgo had a very complex workflow requirement for expense review that involved multiple personas on multiple locations. Thanks to the underlying Microsoft Power Automate workflow platform strength, KAISPE app offered configurable workflow options to cater these requirements. With the workflow configuration implemented, Edgo was able to achieve the desired automation along with a strong notification mechanism and flexibility for reviewers to review the expense report using Email, Microsoft Teams and other mediums.

“We were amazed with some of the very unique features that KAISPE Travel Expense app provides, like approval workflow, policy management, receipt capturing in real time and expense itemization. The solution has greatly help us achieving the end-end business integration.”, Nabil Shalan, Edgo.