Health care industry has been digitally transformed during the past few years. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers are looking for ways to simplify and automate the healthcare experience.

What is KAISPE e-Health?

KAISPE e-Health app helps Patients book appointments with ease and stay on top of appointment booking through medical checkup. The app provides an intuitive web interface to patients and attendants to book appointments with doctors for both onsite and online consultation. Attendants
can also register patients, view registered patients, view past appointments, cancel appointments.

(e-Health) Bills are automatically generated for confirmed appointments and relevant notifications are sent out to
patient and doctor. Patients can pay the bills using different payment methods including PayPal, Amazon Pay, Credit Card or as walk-in patients to the medical center. Partial payments, refund and insurance payments are also covered.

  • External web-based access for attendants and patients

  • Attendant and patient profile management

  • Patient registration process

  • Appointment booking with outpatient and online consultation

  • Appointment management

  • Bills and payment management

  • Real time communication using simple to use tools like Microsoft Outlook, Teams etc.

  • Integration with back-end CRM or ERP applications

  • Useful insights for patients and health center

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